This release adds new methods and helpers but the most import change is the addition of deprecation warnings to ease the transition to the future 2.0 release which is scheduled for the end of the month.

Also, a prerelease of Pendulum 2.0 has been published if you want to test it before the official release.

New features and changes

New datetime() helper

The new datetime() helper replaces create() which is now deprecated and will be removed in version 2.0.

New set() method

The new set() method replaces the year_(), month_(), day_(), hour_(), minute_(), second_(), microsecond_() along with timezone_() and tz_().

So, for example,





  • year_(), month_(), day_(), hour_(), minute_(), second_(), microsecond_() are now deprecated.
  • timezone_() and tz_() are now deprecated.
  • timestamp_() is now deprecated.
  • with_date_time(), with_time_from_string() and with_timestamp() are now deprecated.
  • between() is now deprecated.
  • min_(), max_(), minimum(), maximum() are now deprecated.
  • is_today(), is_yesterday(), is_tomorrow() and is_same_day() are now depecreated.
  • is_sunday() -> is_saturday() are now deprecated.
  • The utc and local properties are now deprecated. Use is_utc() and is_local() instead.